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6 Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking


There are several reasons why your air conditioner may be leaking water. If you notice any water leaks, it’s essential to take action to prevent further damage. Once you’ve located the source of the leak, you can try to fix it yourself or call a professional for help. In most cases, addressing the problem will prevent severe damage to your air conditioner and keep your home comfortable all summer long.

1. Frozen Coil

One of the most common reasons your AC may be leaking water is that the evaporator coil has frozen. The evaporator coil is responsible for absorbing heat from your home, and as it does so, it also pulls moisture from the air. This moisture condenses on the coil and drips into a drain pan below. If the temperature inside your home is set too low, the air around the coil can become cold enough to cause the moisture to freeze.

As the ice builds up, it can block the airflow over the coil and cause it to overheat. Eventually, this will cause the ice to melt, and water will begin dripping from your AC unit. If you think your AC unit may have a frozen coil, try raising the temperature inside your home and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may need to call a professional for help.

2. Improper Installation

If your AC unit was not installed on a level surface or if the drain pan is not sloped correctly, it can cause water to leak out. In addition, if the unit is not installed correctly, it can cause the refrigerant lines to become blocked, which will also cause water to leak out. If you suspect that your AC unit was not installed correctly, you should contact a professional to have it checked and corrected.

3. Clogged Drainage System

When the air conditioner is turned on, it produces condensation as it cools the air. This condensation is supposed to be drained away through a small pipe. However, if the pipe becomes clogged, the water has nowhere to go and will start to leak out of the unit. In some cases, the leak can be pretty significant.

If you suspect that your AC is leaking because of a clogged drainage system, the best action is to call a professional for assistance. They will be able to diagnose the problem and take steps to fix it properly. In most cases, this will involve clearing out the drainage pipe. Once this is done, your AC should stop leaking water.

4. Cracked Unit

Many people assume that their air conditioner should be free of moisture. So, when they find water pooling around their AC unit, they immediately think something is wrong. A certain amount of condensation is average – and even necessary – for your AC unit to function correctly. However, if you notice an excessive amount of water leaking from your AC, it could signify a cracked unit, which can occur because of age, accidents, and extreme weather conditions. If left unrepaired, a cracked AC unit can cause severe damage to your home, potentially injuring anyone who comes into contact with the live electrical wires inside the unit.

5. Leaking Pipes

While there can be several reasons for your AC leaking water, one of the most common is a leaking pipe. When water leaks from a pipe, it can quickly cause damage to your home’s foundation or any surrounding areas. In some cases, the leak may be due to a faulty valve not correctly sealing the pipe. The pipe may be damaged or cracked, allowing water to seep through in other cases. If you notice any signs of a leak, it is essential to call a professional as soon as possible to have it repaired. Leaks can quickly cause extensive damage to your home, so it is best to nip them in the bud as soon as possible.

At Kane Heating And Air Conditioning, in Harker Heights, Texas, we are experts in air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance. We can help you troubleshoot the problem and ensure that your unit operates efficiently.

6. Skipping Your AC Maintenance Appointments

When an AC unit is not regularly cleaned, the coils can become covered in dust and dirt. This can cause the unit to work harder, increasing temperature and condensation on the coils. If left unchecked, this can eventually cause the coils to freeze and the AC to start leaking water. However, when you schedule your yearly AC maintenance, a technician from Kane Heating And Air Conditioning will thoroughly clean your unit so that it’s ready for the rigors of the Texas summer.

The best way to prevent AC leaks is to have your unit serviced by Kane Heating And Air Conditioning at least once a year. In addition, we offer attic insulation, air balancing, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality control solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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